About Mahoe

Headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, Mahoe Gaming Enterprises Limited (MGEL) is providing new lottery games to Jamaica with more ways to play and win through innovative lottery technologies.

The company was registered in Jamaica in July 2019 and is a majority Jamaican privately owned entity.  In July 2020 MGEL received its license to conduct lottery games from the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC), Jamaica’s gaming regulator.

Chaired by Michelle Myers Mayne, the entity is poised to offer exciting, new lottery games to Jamaicans.

Mahoe Gaming’s board also includes Director P.B. Scott of the Musson Group, who each bring extensive understanding and experience in retail distribution; Director Lise-Anne Hoo Harris, who began her career in finance at National Commercial Bank and is now an entrepreneur operating bakeries.

The President and Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Caldwell, is the former IGT Senior Vice-President of Latin America and Caribbean and has more than 25 years of gaming experience.