Presenting the facts

Mahoe has submitted an application for a lottery licence to the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC) through its licence application process that is both exhaustive and transparent. Information on multi-step process is publicly available on the BGLC website and has been advertised in local newspapers.

The wholly-owned Jamaican company Mahoe Gaming has taken the position to concentrate on fulfilling the requirements of the licencing process. Understandably, during the process, which started in July 2019, the entity and its parties, were not at liberty to elaborate further on the details of the application before the BGLC beyond clarifying obvious misinformation in the public space.

Having fulfilled a number of due diligence requirements, Mahoe Gaming has been granted a lottery licence and now proceeds to the next step of the ongoing process.

Our technology service provider will now undergo a separate due diligence exercise as per the established BGLC process.

Players who purchase Mahoe Gaming lottery tickets will be anonymous like all retail lottery purchases in Jamaica.

Like all Jamaicans, the board of Mahoe Gaming welcomes the ongoing process, which ensures that the Jamaica lottery industry receives fair and aggressive oversight ultimately for the benefit of the players and citizens.