Get Ready for Izizzi! Lottery gives Jamaicans easy to play and win games

KINGSTON, JAMAICA: Jamaica’s new lottery, Izizzi Lottery unveiled its highly

anticipated suite of competitive lottery games today Friday, February 5 2021.

The new Izizzi Lottery [pronounced ‘is easy’], offers players six exciting daily draws for

one-, three- and four-ball games, a once-daily lotto game and an all-day game, played

every four minutes.

The one-ball game 1Drop offers players a chance to win $270 for every $10 bet or 27

times the amount wagered. The Hattrik and 4Play allows players to choose any 3 or 4

numbers respectively, between 0 and 9 and make a minimum wager of $10; while

players can up their winning streak with the 5 of 20 game, Lucky Day Lotto.

Izizzi Lottery is excited to introduce players to the addon game, Fireball. The new

game, a first in Jamaica, offers players a chance to receive massive winnings across all


Izizzi games are conveniently available island-wide from both established and new

retailers. To claim their prize, view the latest results or watch drawings; players can

visit their nearest retailer location, log on to or download the Izizzi mobile


Izizzi is also bringing new technological innovations in play such as an “ePlay Slip”

combined with a QR code allowing players touchless transactions via the mobile app

for both convenience and reduced COVID exposure. Players will also benefit from

increased transparency, security and integrity by using the mobile app camera-based

ticket checker to see if they are a winner and find the nearest Izizzi retailer.

“We want Jamaicans to know, from the outset, that with more ways to play, more

draws to play, more prizes to win and higher prize payouts winning Izizzi [is easy].,”

said Christopher Caldwell, President and CEO of Mahoe Gaming Enterprise Limited.

The long-anticipated introduction of a fresh lottery is expected to provide a welcomed

boost to retailers and players while generating scores of new jobs across the island.

Mahoe Chairman Michelle Myers explained: “With our business model, everybody

wins. We are offering new and exciting options to players; supporting social

enhancement programmes and providing revenue to the Government with our


Following a rigorous process by the Betting, Gaming & Lotteries Commission (BGLC),

Mahoe secured a licence on July 24, 2020, opening the door for them to hit the market.