Successful First Draw Izizzi Lottery launches in Jamaica

 KINGSTON, JAMAICA: Jamaicans walked away with heavier pockets and brighter smiles thanks to Jamaica’s newest lottery, Izizzi Lottery. The company successfully delivered an exciting all-island, First Draw of its competitive suite of games on Friday, February 5, 2021. 

The historic First Draw, which took place promptly at 8:25am, revealed the winning numbers: 1Drop – drew number 1; HaTTrik – drew numbers 5,8,9; 4Play – drew numbers 7, 3, 0, 2. The well-received addon game, Fireball saw players in the first draw, who selected the ‘red’ ball receiving massive winnings across all games played in the segment. 

A jubilant Stedford Coletas while expressing his delight at being announced as the First Winner at a Kingston and St. Andrew-based retailer stated, “I was surprised at how easy the process was! I can’t wait to tell my friends about it, so that they too can play and win.” 

Izizzi games are conveniently available island-wide from both established and new Retailers. 

To claim prizes valued at up to $54,999, winners may collect from any retailer. For amounts between $55,000 and $300,000 players my collect at any Mahoe Super Agent and above $300,000 from Mahoe’s head office. 

“It’s from a long time that competition was needed. I have been a consistent player for many years. But I am excited to try something new. I have my ticket for 1Drop. I’m just happy to see another lottery in the system, because I think it will give buyers like myself a fair chance to win,” explained a hopeful Anthony. 

For retailer, Dwight Richardson, owner of 1968 Merchants the entrance of Izizzi is a welcomed boost to retailers and players alike, “It is very timely that Izizzi comes into the market now, as it offers our customers options and gives them a chance to really explore other gaming opportunities and benefit at the same time,” 

He continued, “I am very ecstatic at the reception we have received. My staff found the Izizzi system efficient and very user-friendly. Not only have I had winners since this morning, but customers have also expressed their delight at the variety of games offered, infact, we’ve noticed that the games 4Play and 1Drop have been a popular choice among buyers. We anticipate having a good buzz around the Izizzi games and I know that it will be very sustainable.” 

With the introduction of new technological innovations in play such as an “ePlay Slip”combined with a QR code allowing players touchless transactions via the mobile app for both convenience and reduced COVID exposure. Players will also benefit from increased transparency, security and integrity by using the mobile app camera-based ticket checker to see if they are a winner and find the nearest Izizzi retailer. 

“We want Jamaicans to know, from the outset, that winning Izizzi [is easy]. The name came to the Mahoe team in a flash as an intrinsic Jamaican phrase that will resonate with the market,” explained Christopher Caldwell, president and CEO of Mahoe Gaming Enterprise Limited. “The games will always reflect Mahoe’s Jamaican-ness.” 

In keeping with regulations, the proceedings were overseen by representatives of the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC).